A man of all traits


Entertainer/ Communications Specialist Joe Sutton AKA Juice has been entertaining people since the day he was able to speak.  It all started at a young age entertaining kids in the back of the bus or clowning around making jokes during lunch and class.  Joe knew he was destined to entertain when his middle school teacher pulled him aside and suggested to him to try Stand Up Comedy.  In 6th grade he performed a routine at the Lincoln Community School talent show, "When I saw the looks and smiles on their faces when I finished I knew this is what I was made for."   High school is how he took on the name we all know him as now, "Juice".  Being the clown he was, he wanted to try to create a new tradition; carry a Juice Box to every class and practice he went to.  So the upperclassmen began to call him Juice box but Juice stuck with him.
Throughout his high school career, Juice always found himself reverting back to comedy. In class he would always make people laugh no matter what mood they were in.  He even made his teachers laugh all the time.  Benilde St. Margarets soon began to notice Juice as the guy guaranteed to make you laugh.  Junior year is when he began to get back into the groove of stand up comedy, going to comedy clubs Open Mic sessions trying to perfect his craft.  He began performing at neighborhood and Outreach events and his reputation began to rise in Minnesota.  Since that time period, Juice has performed all across the Mid-West region in cities and clubs such as Minneapolis,Mn; St. Paul, Mn; Milwaukee and Madison, WI; Chicago, Ill; and Detroit, MI.  He has performed at community centers and comedy clubs all over the Mid-West.  Summer of 2013, Juice had his first headliner at the State Fair in which he sold out. "That was one of the biggest and greatest performances of my life."  Juice hopes to expand his jokes to all over the world someday but knows he has to start small.

Juice brings a home-style energetic type of comedy to the table.  What makes  his comedy great is its suitable for all ages, he likes to bring positive comedy to the stage and flip real life issues and problems and make them into something people can laugh about. He likes to talk about the struggles he went through as a child and make them into a  joke. "When I do comedy I like to keep it real, or how we said it in our neighborhood, keep it 100. So before I start a show I always ask 'Can I keep it real/100 with ya', Then my audience would say 'Keep it 100% Juice!!'  I want people to forget about all struggles they face and laugh, I want them to feel encouraged with what I bring to the table.  You can't be a successful comedian without having gone through some type of struggle because that's where successful comedians are born."  Growing up, Juice was inspired by many people to do comedy: His father (Joe Sutton Sr.), his uncle (Steve Fitzhugh), Kevin Hart, The Wayan Bros, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jr., Sinbad, Shed G, and  Chris Tucker.  "God has given me a gift and I praise him and thank him everyday for it." But Juice doesn't just talk about, he is about it.  All of Juices' comedy incorporates his faith, either its talking about church struggles or just remixing all the famous bible stories, Juice brings God into everything he does. "I am His creation and I must glorify The Creator with my talents in some way.

But Juice does not stop there with his comedy, since graduating from high school, Juice has taken one step up.  Now a Graduate from the University of Northwestern  in St. Paul, Juice is making moves to up his career.  With a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Media Communications (EMC for short) and minor in acting, he has already earned the privilege to co-host his own radio show on the schools official Radio Station, bringing laughs and Hip Hop to the table to spice up the station.  He has also became a YouTube partner making funny sketches, parodies, pranks, and debuted his very own talk show 'The Late Night Show With Juice.